The California State Assembly is the equivalent to the U.S. House of Representatives. The State Assembly drafts legislation for the Governor’s desk after reconciliation.

This legislative body can have a strong impact on:

  • Local project funding.
  • State-wide project funding.
  • Rules & regulations for businesses, State agencies, and citizens.

If California were its own country, it would have one of the top ten economies in the world.  As such, California has a responsibility to the businesses and the workers that made it prosperous.  We need to make it easier and financially advantageous to work and create new businesses here.  Whether it is for an organization, a small business owner or a hard-working individual, I will relentlessly pursue a beneficial working environment for all.

As a Marine Corps veteran, my passion for serving my country and all its people has only grown.  I am not seeking to serve the people of my district for some unrealized ideal of heroism, but because I – like all that serve – understand that we must be amongst the FIRST to protect our people.  I am especially concerned for those who cannot defend themselves: the young, the elderly, the injured warriors, the abused, the neglected and the voiceless. This includes all living creatures and the environment.

As your representative in Sacramento, I will find the best way to balance our district’s needs with our desire to attain a more secure future for our loved ones.

I will work to improve the quality of our lives with just and inclusive laws.
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Paid for the Campaign to elect:  Jorge Lopez for State Assembly 2016             FPPC ID: 1384733