Candidate Meet-And-Greet

Lopez For State Assembly Events – The Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club will be sponsoring a
Meet and Greet with Jorge Lopez, candidate for California State Assembly District 67.
The event will be held on Saturday, September 17, 2016 between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm at:

Provident Bank
27010 Sun City Boulevard
Menifee, CA

(Click address above for Google Map of location)

We invite you to come out and meet the Democratic
candidate for State Assembly District 67.
We’re going to have appetizers and entertainment will be
provided by Poet, Stephen Roper – the food is going to be

  • You can RSVP to the event by calling 951-679-3752.
  • If you can’t make it but would like to help with the campaign,
    please click on the Contact button on the website and we’ll
    reach out to you.

Thank you-

Chuck Reutter, President
Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club


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Jorge Lopez Speech 08-24-2016 Murrieta, CA

Jorge Lopez discusses issues facing local Californians in speech after Bernie Sanders “Our Revolution” organizational launch watch party.

There are many issues facing California. From water and energy to healthcare and voting rights, Jorge Lopez is paying attention and striving to make life better for all in his Assembly district, and our State.

This speech isn’t long, but it covers a lot of ground.

Jorge discusses water issues, energy issues, jobs, job creation, infrastructure, and more.

In perhaps one of the least understood issues facing the voters of California, Jorge discusses the potential of a California “Medicare For All” approach to healthcare.

Single-payer, universal healthcare would:

  • Take the financial burden off of companies large and small in California.
  • Enable people to pursue small-business startups without losing healthcare benefits.
  • Allow California employers to compete globally by removing the burden of healthcare coverage costs from their balance sheets.
  • Make it possible for California employers to pay better wages without increasing their cost of doing business.
  • Lower the cost of healthcare to citizens by eliminating deductibles and co-pays.
  • Lower the cost of healthcare to citizens by dropping the cost of paying insurance executives and insurance company advertising from the cost of the overall State healthcare system.
  • Give the State greater negotiating power with healthcare providers and suppliers in California, further reducing overall healthcare costs.
  • Reduce costs to taxpayers by substituting a payroll tax to fund the system in place of the more expensive premiums currently being paid to insurance companies.
  • Move California insurance company employees into State jobs to administer and operate the new system.

Jorge is well aware that we also need to improve California’s supply of clean fresh water for both citizens and agriculture in our State. As a result of this, he is constantly looking for options to help make all of our lives better.

For many reasons, you should consider voting for the candidate who considers YOU:


Jorge Lopez – Veteran, College Graduate, and a fighter for the people of California.

Candidate For Assemblyman

Guest post By Dan Stafford.  – Candidate for California’s 67th-district State Assemblyman, Jorge lopez has shown me by example that he has:

  • Strong leadership skills
  • The ability to listen well
  • Keen decision-making ability
  • A powerful intellect
  • Dedication to his fellow California residents and neighbors

I have personally witnessed Jorge’s tireless efforts to register voters, regardless of political party, all though the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Jorge organized a strong volunteer organization in support of the Presidential candidate he believed in, and made the effort to show up at numerous supporting events.

Jorge doesn’t just talk about getting things done. He enables others to put forward their best efforts, and then gets in there and personally helps do the work. I’ve seen it first-hand.

These are only some of the reasons why I find myself volunteering time and skills to:

  • Work on the campaign website
  • Do web SEO work for the campaign
  • Fix a futzy old laptop into something fast and useable to save the campaign money
  • Teach Jorge and his team how to do what I know how to do.

This is despite the fact that Jorge lives and is running for California State Assemblyman in the Assembly district just North of my own. I can’t vote for the man, so I volunteer for him.

This is how we must all go about getting decent people in our government again. We have to work hard for those we can see are kind people with a care for the civil society we share.

A State Assemblyman can:

  • Draft legislation that will support infrastructure and jobs in their State and district
  • Co-sponsor worthy legislation to help people in their district and around the State
  • Help persuade other Assembly representatives to do what is right for the people of California – even when it’s politically hard.
  • Get the ear of the media and try to make a case for going to the side of decency in reporting
  • Reach the ear of officials around the State to persuade on policy
  • Write legislation to replace out-dated laws in order to modernize our regulatory structure

I personally believe in what Jorge is doing, and as a resident of California, I strongly endorse Jorge Lopez for California’s 67th State Assembly district.


Dan Stafford