Jorge Lopez grew up in an All-American community in San Diego, California with his parents, and is the eldest of 3 brothers and 2 sisters.  As a child, he was an avid reader of Captain America comic books, the Bible, U.S. History, Classical literature, poetry, and the natural sciences.  When he was a teenager, Jorge was selected to attend a youth leadership camp through his church. Upon his return, he joined and became treasurer of the newly established youth group in his church.  In his role as treasurer, and also through his service as a church usher, Jorge was a steadfast volunteer for most of the church’s functions.  He found that being of service to others was very fulfilling and gratifying. His parents have always taken pride in, and are very supportive of Jorge’s desire to serve.

Soon after graduating high school, Jorge enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps to serve the country that had given him so much.  He felt it was his duty, like so many other patriots, to protect his adopted country and all its citizens.

Jorge hoped to help liberate the people of Kuwait during the first Persian Gulf war, butMarine 1 the war ended before his orders were given.  Instead, Jorge’s first mission was to help evacuate American citizens from the Philippines when Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991.

A second tour placed him in Mogadishu, Somalia as part of the police action aimed at disarming warlords in order to protect U.N. forces that were providing aid to the general Somali population.

It was from the experience of these two tours that Jorge realized how forces of such tremendous power can be used to do tremendous GOOD.  He is proud of having been a part of the effort to secure and protect the hard-working, every-day citizens from not only a natural disaster, but also the man-made disaster of criminal warlords who prey on the ordinary citizens.

After an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, Jorge worked for a family-owned business as a delivery driver.  His work ethic, ability to foresee potential issues, and resolve them without supervision resulted in his eventual promotion to General Manager.  While working full-time, Jorge also enrolled in college full time, and received his first Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Information Science.  During this time, Jorge helped his employer successfully automate most of their business processes and set the standards necessary for accelerated growth.

Hired by a major telecommunications company next, Jorge was a very successful over-the-phone technical support specialist.  Whatever the issue, his goal was to always deliver the best solution to his customers.  Jorge was fortunate to work for a company that provided full medical benefits, vacation time, and tuition reimbursement; benefits that are not readily available to the average worker today.  Due to these benefits, he earned his second Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Film, Television and New Media.

Currently, Jorge helps with the daily operations for the telecommunication company’s fulfillment center.  The position entails ensuring that technicians, vendors, and direct sales teams have products ready available to provide to customers while minimizing inventory.

Jorge and his wife, Julieta, have been marriedtu y yoi - Jorge & Del Lopez for over 5 years, and are small business owners. They are proud, loving and caring parents, and foster parents, who understand the hardships many families encounter.  Before purchasing their first home in Lake Elsinore, they lived in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County.  A long commute to work made it obvious to Jorge that bringing more living-wage jobs to the local area is one of the best ways to serve the community.

Recently, he co-founded a grassroots community organization to effect change in the political system most people perceive to be corrupt and non-representative of the hard-working people in our country. He believes that “If money is considered speech, Big Money contributors have silenced the rest of us… and we have had enough.”

As a grassroots activist, Mr. Lopez traveled the county, and found a recurring theme in all communities: hard-working families deserve a fair chance.  Jorge will fight to provide access to a quality education from K -16 and strengthen the occupational program system. He will work with local governments to bring more full-time, living-wage, and environmentally friendly jobs.  He will also help businesses of all sizes and individuals by shifting the burden of having to provide health care benefits to the State by helping draft and pass Health Care for All legislation.  Businesses will thrive when their employees are healthy and employees will not lose their homes because of a serious illness.

Electing Jorge assures a dedicated and caring representative with unswerving devotion to the people he swore to protect.