Jorge Lopez discusses issues facing local Californians in speech after Bernie Sanders “Our Revolution” organizational launch watch party.

There are many issues facing California. From water and energy to healthcare and voting rights, Jorge Lopez is paying attention and striving to make life better for all in his Assembly district, and our State.

This speech isn’t long, but it covers a lot of ground.

Jorge discusses water issues, energy issues, jobs, job creation, infrastructure, and more.

In perhaps one of the least understood issues facing the voters of California, Jorge discusses the potential of a California “Medicare For All” approach to healthcare.

Single-payer, universal healthcare would:

  • Take the financial burden off of companies large and small in California.
  • Enable people to pursue small-business startups without losing healthcare benefits.
  • Allow California employers to compete globally by removing the burden of healthcare coverage costs from their balance sheets.
  • Make it possible for California employers to pay better wages without increasing their cost of doing business.
  • Lower the cost of healthcare to citizens by eliminating deductibles and co-pays.
  • Lower the cost of healthcare to citizens by dropping the cost of paying insurance executives and insurance company advertising from the cost of the overall State healthcare system.
  • Give the State greater negotiating power with healthcare providers and suppliers in California, further reducing overall healthcare costs.
  • Reduce costs to taxpayers by substituting a payroll tax to fund the system in place of the more expensive premiums currently being paid to insurance companies.
  • Move California insurance company employees into State jobs to administer and operate the new system.

Jorge is well aware that we also need to improve California’s supply of clean fresh water for both citizens and agriculture in our State. As a result of this, he is constantly looking for options to help make all of our lives better.

For many reasons, you should consider voting for the candidate who considers YOU:


Jorge Lopez – Veteran, College Graduate, and a fighter for the people of California.
Jorge Lopez Speech 08-24-2016 Murrieta, CA
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