Jorge Lopez is a solid candidate with progressive policies that are wonderful for both working people and employers in many ways. Jorge’s primary focus is on the local policy issues that a State Assembly representative can most have an impact on. State legislation has a direct impact on the lives of all in our district in many, many ways. It is possible to help everyone win! Please be a volunteer for the Lopez For State Assembly campaign!

Your time is just as valuable to your future as any donation! Volunteer now!

Thank you for considering being a volunteer for the Lopez For State Assembly campaign!


Please consider:

  • Phonebanking
  • Door-to-door canvassing
  • Social Media sharing
  • Blogging
  • Writing letters to the editors of your local newspapers
  • Distributing fliers
  • Sharing about the campaign at clubs or group meetings
  • Talking to friends and neighbors about the campaign
  • Doing artwork for the campaign
  • Doing music for the campaign
  • Distributing and posting signs for the campaign
  • Leading a team of campaign volunteers
  • Registering voters

Any and all donations of time and effort are valuable! We sincerely appreciate everything you are willing to help with! Volunteerism speaks volumes to the people you reach out to about your belief in and commitment to our candidate and campaign. As a volunteer, you are the lifeblood of positive change in your local community! Thank you!

You can sign up via the form below: